The Denver Broncos had two weeks to think about their blowout loss to Oakland at Invesco Field heading into Sunday’s contest in the same place against Kansas City coming off a bye.

Whatever Josh McDaniels came up with clearly worked, as the team flipped the script, embarrassing the Chiefs in a 49-29 blowout that began 35-0.

In the process, the young Broncos coach apparently took some moves out of the playbook of his former mentor, Bill Belichick, by not remotely altering his gameplan even as the game was in hand in the fourth quarter.

The team continued to blitz, pass and mass protect, and that didn’t set well with Chiefs head coach Todd Haley.

After the game, Haley refused McDaniels’ handshake, instead gesturing angrily at the Broncos coach.

When asked about the exchange, Haley called it a “private moment” and would not comment further.

See the footage below.