Tom Brady Limping Noticeably Due to Apparent Right Foot Injury


November 12, 2010

FOXBORO, Mass. — Tom Brady’s poker walk is the stuff of legends.

Brady, who has been hobbled by a foot injury for the last week, is as media savvy as they come. With a contingent of reporters huddled near his locker while he packed his bag Friday afternoon, Brady politely declined comment before heading toward the locker-room exit.

He walked briskly, without a limp or a care in the world, and disappeared out of sight.

A few minutes later, though, the story changed, as wide receiver Wes Welker held court at his own locker, which is across the way from Brady’s and forced the media crowd to turn their backs on Brady’s locker.

Yet, as Welker was speaking, Brady walked back in toward his locker, and he limped noticeably. He spent extra time putting weight on his left leg while trying to quickly shift weight away from his right leg, which is a significant indication Brady has injured his right foot. That?s important because it’s the foot he uses to plant off of while driving forward to make a throw.

It was a calculated move by Brady, who clearly tried to stride with fluidity while he knew the media attention was geared in his direction. That?s the opposite of a guy like Brett Favre, who recently walked into the Vikings locker room during a media session and shouted for the trainer to retrieve him a more comfortable shoe.

Brady is clearly dealing with some pain in the right foot, but there seems to be very little doubt over his availability in Pittsburgh. He has gone through stretches of time in practice during the last two days when he’s looked perfectly healthy, and he’s also spent a few moments working to stretch out his foot.

But there was nothing more fascinating than Friday’s poker walk.

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