TD Garden Vandal Among Top 10 Most Ridiculous Fan Moments in Sports Normally, it’s an athlete or a team that makes the daily sports headlines. But other times, there are instances where fans find themselves as the center of attention, even at the biggest sporting events. In an instant, their exploits become the headline, overshadowing the event entirely.

This happened at the TD Garden last week, when an unruly Bruins fan decided she was going to take her anger out on an innocent pole in the women’s restroom and post her act of vandalism online. We all know how that one turned out.

The TD Garden incident has since blown over, and her 15 minutes of fame are up, but the act got us thinking about other ridiculous fan moments. Fan involvement (and interference) has littered its way across sports history and what better way to remember those moments than with a list of some of the best (or worst)?

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