Vikings Player Says Randy Moss ‘Deserved to Be Cut’ Because He Didn’t Like Food in Locker Room


Vikings Player Says Randy Moss 'Deserved to Be Cut' Because He Didn't Like Food in Locker Room There are some wild, cockamamy theories that people are going to throw out regarding the swift boot that Randy Moss was given in Minnesota (guilty), but a Tuesday report from Yahoo Sports is sure to rank as one of the most absurd.

Yahoo's Michael Silver got an inside scoop from a Vikings player, who said that Moss acted like a jerk in the Minnesota locker room. This unnamed player said that many Vikings agreed with head coach Brad Childress' decision to send the future Hall of Fame wide receiver packing.

Silver wrote that "Moss had alienated some of his teammates with his brash, entitled behavior," with the worst offense taking place Friday in the Vikings' locker room.

A small, "mom-and-pop" restaurant catered the food that day for the team, and Moss was apparently not a fan.

"What the [expletive]?" Moss screamed, according to the unnamed player. "Who ordered this crap? I wouldn't feed this to my dog!"

The unnamed player described the situation for Yahoo.

"It was brutal," the source told the website. "The truth is, he deserved to be cut after that. It was such an uncomfortable moment. … There were players and other support staff lining up to eat it. And [Moss] is at his locker saying, 'You know, I used to have to eat that crap, but now I've got money.'"

Obviously, when the Vikings sent a third-round pick to New England to acquire Moss, they knew they'd have to put up with some unprofessional behavior. But stating loudly that you don't like food? That was clearly the last straw.

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