Yankees GM Brian Cashman to Dress as Elf, Rappel Down Building

Perhaps the only person more busy than Kris Kringle himself this time of year is a Major League Baseball general manager, especially Brian Cashman. Despite that, Cashman will take some time from his busy schedule to become a "celebrity guest elf."

According to ESPN.com, the Yankees GM will take a break from pursuing free agents like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Cliff Lee to dress up as an elf and rappel from a 350-foot building as part of the Stamford Heights and Lights event in Stamford, Conn.

Cashman, clad in a full elf suit, will also have the benefit of a harness, but will not have any protective netting.

"Brian is a spunky guy who scuba dives and plays baseball," Stamford Downton president Sandy Goldstein said. "This is a new career. This is his maiden flight off a building."

You don't say.

And while Cashman will likely take some ribbing for throwing on some pointy ears and jumping off of a building, Goldstein insist this act only proves how manly Cashman really is.

"You are in a harness and you have to step off of the roof of a 22 stories-high building," Goldstein said. "I wouldn't do it for all the tea in China. This is not for the faint. You really have to be macho to do this."

Goldstein also predicted the event will be a "magical moment."

Perhaps Cashman thinks this act will bring him some good karma when sitting across the negotiating table from super-agent Scott Boras, someone Cashman likely thinks sits on a throne of lies.