Zach Randolph Forgets Length of NBA Games, Despite 10 Years in League Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph has played in 591 NBA games, and he was on the floor for more than 18,000 minutes.

So he can be forgiven for losing track of exactly how long those games are, right?

When interviewed on live television following Memphis’ 109-99 win over Phoenix, Randolph was proud of the way his team played.

“We just finished the whole game,” he said. “We played the whole 42 minutes.”

In case you’re not familiar with the National Basketball Association, its games last 48 minutes.

Yet, 42 wasn’t the most important number of the night for Randolph, as his 20 rebounds and 23 points were much more crucial than his knowledge of the clock.

If Randolph has a sense of humor about it, he should ask the Memphis scoreboard operator to put 10:30 on the game clock to start the next game.

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Zach Randolph Forgets Length of NBA Games, Despite 10 Years in League

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That is some very interesting logic, Mr. Danny … if that’s your real name.

“the celtics won this. the mavericks outscored boston by 10 at the free throw line with boston going 7 for 7 and dallas going 17 of 20. that just proves boston is better then dallas for dallas to have that advantage and only win by 2”