Australia Joins England in Outrage Over FIFA’s World Cup Selection Process


England isn’t happy Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup while Qatar got the 2022 tournament. Now, Australia also is speaking out against FIFA and the World Cup selection committee.

According to, Peter Hargitay, a controversial consultant for Australia’s 2022 bid, is questioning the decision, claiming “tactical voting” was involved. Australia was eliminated in the first round after only receiving a single vote.

Hargitay said various committee members promised him six votes, and two maintained they voted for him even after the decision.

Hargitay is, obviously, upset that Qatar earned the bid, and he made his frustrations known.

“Somebody sent me a very aggressive e-mail calling me a loser,” he said on SBS Telvision, according to “I said ‘I didn’t lose’. Football lost.”

The controversy won’t be going away anytime soon. Before England bids on another World Cup, it wants to see a more “transparent” voting system from FIFA.

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