Bill Belichick Says to Take Urban Meyer’s Resignation ‘at Face Value’


Bill Belichick Says to Take Urban Meyer's Resignation 'at Face Value' The relationship between Bill Belichick and Urban Meyer has been well-documented over the past few years. Though it’s at times perhaps resulted in some shaky draft picks (looking at you, Chad Jackson), it’s produced some major contributors in the forms of Aaron Hernandez, Jermaine Cunningham and Brandon Spikes this season.

Meyer left his job at Florida last week, and as with any college football coaching news, the public was skeptical. The fact that the decision came just after the Broncos had fired Josh McDaniels led for plenty of speculation that Meyer might want to reunite with Tim Tebow.

Yet, when asked Monday about Meyer’s decision, Belichick spoke to his friend’s honesty.

“I talked to Urban and I think whatever he had to say about it, I think that accurately expresses his feelings,” Belichick said. “Urban’s an up-front, honest guy, and I think what he said is what he wanted to say. Take it at face value. The main thing from my point of view is just our friendship and making sure that he is OK and I would say that?s definitely the case.”

When asked if Meyer was a bit young (46) to be retiring, Belichick said that’s not necessarily the case.

“Well, I kind of think each of us has to do what he feels best for our own personal, individual and family situation, whatever that happens to be,” Belichick said. “We make our decisions from the time we are old enough to make them to the time that we aren’t capable of making them anymore, so whatever those are along the way, we all have them at different points in our lives.”

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