Shaquille O’Neal‘s  dance moves have caused a bit of a scandal in the NHL.

Buffalo Sabres forward Tim Connolly finally admitted that the eye injury he incurred on Nov. 21 was from trying to dance like Shaq, according to Yahoo’s Greg Wyshynski.

Rumors had swirled that teammate Derek Roy had sucker punched Connolly during a charity event for Ryan Miller’s Steadfast Foundation. ESPN’s Matthew Barnaby was the first to report the rumor, which was quickly denied by Roy and the team.

“I was backstage, preparing a dance move and I just fell. That was it. It was an accidental thing,” Connolly told the Buffalo News on Friday. “It wasn’t ‘Roysie’ punching me in the face. I don’t know where that came out. Those things can snowball. … I got a little work to do on [the dance move]. I saw Shaquille O’Neal doing it on TV. It needs a little work.”

The dancing debacle was just one of many injuries Connolly has dealt with over his 10 years in the NHL. The forward has healed from broken knees, concussions and foot and groin injuries during his time in the league.

The eye accident was just adding insult to injury though, as Connolly is still out with a groin injury that has sidelined him for the past two weeks.

To see the kind of dance moves that Connolly was trying to imitate, check out the video below.