It’s the moment Cleveland Cavaliers fans have been waiting for since the moment LeBron James uttered the words "South Beach," and they are going to make sure their former King pays.

James will play in Cleveland Thursday night against the Cavaliers for the first time since signing with the Heat, and Cavs fans have prepared for the special occasion by making an official chant sheet, mapping out when to chant certain phrases toward LeBron.

The chant sheet instructs Cavs fans to forget about booing LeBron, but instead to laugh as loud as possible when he is introduced. It also instructs fans to boo the rest of the team except center Zydrunas Ilgauskas, who played for the Cavaliers for 12 seasons. The sheet encourages fans to cheer for Ilgauskas.

Each quarter there are two different chants for the crowd to scream to distract James at all times, whether it be whenever he has the ball or at the free-throw line. At the start of the third quarter, the crowd will sing a song geared towards the traitor to the tune of "My Country Tis of Thee."

Some chants include "No-ring-king", "Ak-ron hates you", "Wit-nessed no-thing", "Traitor, traitor" and "Cleve-land rocks!"

There will be extra security on hand in the Quicken Loans Arena during the heated matchup to protect James from the crowd that hates him most. Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert doesn’t expect there to be any trouble during Thursday night’s game, this coming from the person who wrote a letter bashing LeBron when he decided to leave Cleveland.

Click here for your own copy of the LeBron James chant sheet.