Christian Bale a Lock to Win Oscar for Performance in 'The Fighter' When you're an actor, and you sign up to be in a film that requires you to speak with a Boston accent, you're taking a major risk.

People in Boston don't take too kindly to those who butcher the accent, and one bad performance can spoil an actor's whole reputation in the city.

Fortunately for Christian Bale, he absolutely nailed it in The Fighter. So much so that Gerry Callahan argued that the actor is a guarantee to win an Academy Award.

"I'll give Mark Wahlberg credit, because this was his thing," he said on The Dennis and Callahan Show on Wednesday. "He plays Micky Ward, and he does a perfect job, but he gets overshadowed by [Bale]. … Give [Wahlberg] credit for setting his ego aside for the good of the film, because Christian Bale blows away everybody in the movie.

"I will be stunned if he doesn't — forget nominated — win an Oscar."