DeSean Jackson Controversially Flagged for ‘Madden Celebration’ After 91-Yard Touchdown


Few players in the NFL can average 52.5 yards per catch and not remotely surprise you in the box score.

DeSean Jackson is one of them, but he made sure that you remembered what he did to the Cowboys on Sunday night — even if it took some classic Jackson antics.

Aside from arguably holding the title of fastest receiver in the NFL, Jackson is perhaps best known for his habit of dropping the ball to celebrate before crossing the goal line — something he did in both college and the NFL.

On Sunday, he made sure that he held on to the ball — something he reiterated in his postgame interview — by pulling a classic Madden move.

Jackson took a short pass 91 yards — apparently running at just 60 percent — and stopped before the end zone to wait for any Cowboys defender to get near him. Finally, he fell backward into the end zone and received a 15-yard penalty to cap off the season's longest play from scrimmage.

The announcers, however, did point out that the dive began outside of the end zone, and Jackson therefore may have been taunting within legal boundaries.

After the game, Jackson was interviewed alongside Mike Vick. He proceeded to make goofy gestures and spew interjections from behind Andrea Kremer as she interviewed the quarterback, but he did say that he wouldn't pull the stunt again.


Have you ever done this in Madden? Leave your thoughts below.

DeSean Jackson Controversially Flagged for 'Madden Celebration' After 91-Yard Touchdown

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"He did not just ask that man for his autograph after a loss…smh he tuuurible for that"
–Kevin Durant, via Twitter, on Tashard Choice asking for Mike Vick's signature


The Bears did their best Jets immitation on Sunday.

"I wonder if Urlacher still thinks his team is the better team and the best in the NFL"

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