Fan Forum: Can Glen Davis Fill the Void Left By Kevin Garnett Until He Returns From Injury? The first words out of Glen Davis‘ mouth when he saw Kevin Garnett limping off the basketball court in Detroit were not pretty ones.

A few expletives later, and the Celtics are faced with a daunting task: spend the next two weeks (or more) without their superstar power forward.

While Garnett sits out with a right calf injury, Big Baby will have to step in as the full-time starter in his place.

Boston fans know what Big Baby is capable of. The lovable forward has stepped up for the C’s in their time of need in the past three-plus seasons, but is he enough to fill the void left by Garnett?

Garnett’s 6-foot-11 shadow will be a tough one to outshine, but if there’s anyone on the Celtics roster who can step in, it’s Baby. This is not the first time Davis has had to step in after Garnett has fallen with injury. He did the same thing in the 2008-09 season when Garnett hurt his knee in Utah. Davis averaged 12.6 points and 5.6 rebounds as a starter for the C’s, and went on to average 15.8 points in the playoffs that year.

While Baby is an appropriate stand-in for KG, and stands well on his own, there’s nothing that can compare to what the Big Ticket brings to the Celtics. It’s far beyond any statistic or per-game average, it’s the intimidation factor that Garnett brings to the court. Davis is dangerous if you let him catch fire, but Garnett has an established dominance in the league.

Then again, two weeks isn’t that long, and Baby has done enough work for this team to step up to the latest challenge. He’s always been the type of player that just plain goes to work when he’s faced with adversity and this opportunity will be no different for him.

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No one can replace the presence that Kevin Garnett has on the Celtics roster, but does Glen Davis have the tools to fill his absence until his leg heals? Share your thoughts below.

Can Glen Davis fill the void left by Kevin Garnett until he returns from injury?Market Research