Fan Forum: Do You Respect Rex Ryan?


December 4, 2010

Fan Forum: Do You Respect Rex Ryan? He's the snack-loving, loud-mouthed leader of the rivaled New York Jets, but he clearly knows how to coach a football team.

Bill Belichick says he respects the regime run by Rex Ryan, but do you?

There's nothing bigger on the Jets' well-rounded coach than his mouth, and he's been using his favorite instrument well leading up to the highly anticipated matchup between the Jets and the Patriots. From predicting a win to comparing himself to Tom Brady, Ryan can't seem to keep his mouth shut about the upcoming showdown on the national stage.

The trash talking is irritating, and so is Ryan's general "we're going to beat everybody" answer to most reporters' questions. However, the Jets have lived up to the hype — escalated by Ryan during the team's summer stint on HBO's Hard Knocks — thus far, tying with the Patriots and the Falcons for the best record in football.

His demeanor may be frustrating, but his coaching style is clearly successful, Belichick said so himself. Ever since Ryan took over the Jets' organization, he's pushed the team in a winning direction and has always given the Patriots trouble in their recent matchups.

Ryan is 18-9 in his two years leading the Jets, so clearly he's doing something right, but it'd be easier to respect him if he lowered his ego a bit. However, that's just Rex being Rex, and you either love him or you hate him.

What are your feelings about Rex Ryan, do you respect him? Share your feelings below.

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