Fan Forum: Has Patriots-Jets Surpassed Red Sox-Yankees as Best Boston-New York Sports Rivalry? It seems almost impossible to consider, but Yankees-Red Sox may not be the undisputed champion of New York-Boston rivalries.

Sure, Yankees-Red Sox can equal or better any other rivalry in the history of professional sports, but is it what it used to be?

Now that the Red Sox have broken the curse and won championships of their own, there’s been something a little different about the war with the Yankees. It’s now a clash of titans as much of a battle of good versus evil.

The teams do also play 18 times a year — so it’s hard to feel like each game is really that significant.

The opposite, though, is true of the Jets-Patriots rivalry. The teams play only twice each year, and both games are massively significant. Monday’s matchup is no exception, with the winner being in control of their own destiny for earning home-field advantage. The rivalry has also featured a more interesting cast of characters in recent years. Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick act as perfect opposites, and Mark Sanchez, Darrelle Revis, and Danny Woodhead have all emerged as key figures in the contest. Yankees-Red Sox, on the other hand, has lost many of its more intriguing figures of late — such as Johnny Damon.

Still, it’s hard to believe any rivalry between Boston and New York can be better than the rivalry that defines those two cities’ sports universes — Yankees-Red Sox.

Has Patriots-Jets surpassed Red Sox-Yankees as Best Boston-New York sports rivalry? Leave your thoughts below.

Has Patriots-Jets surpassed Red Sox-Yankees as Best Boston-New York sports rivalry?customer surveys