Fan Forum: What Should Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski’s Nickname Be?


Fan Forum: What Should Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski's Nickname Be? Patriots rookie tight end Rob Gronkowski is a man with many names, and as his popularity continues to soar among the New England fan base, he might need a new nickname.

Now, a nickname has to come naturally, and it can't be forced upon anyone. But Gronkowski is a physically imposing figure who plays with a side of dominance, and he's got a quirky, fun-loving personality that is welcoming of a nickname.

Gronkowski already has a few that have a number of different routes.

"It depends how I know you," said Gronkowski, who caught two touchdown passes in Sunday's victory against the Bills. "I've got nicknames with my buddies. I've got nicknames with my parents. It all depends how you know me. If you don?t know me, if you just know me through football. … It's just, basically, whatever you give me, I'll answer to. I really don?t have one that every single person calls me."

His most popular nickname is "Gronk," and that's common among his Patriots teammates. Fellow tight end Alge Crumpler also calls him "Beast."

Gronkowski was called "Big Rob" in high school back in Pennsylvania, as well as his college days in Arizona. Some friends call him "Rob G." And he's also a big fan of "Rob G Baby," which dates back to his childhood in Buffalo, as well as Arizona. And, as he said, you've got to stress the "G."

Gronkowski wants to know what Patriots fans have for him. We've heard "Gronkosaurus" and "The Big Gronkowski," but what else is out there?

Chime in below, and we'll share the best ones with Gronkowski.

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