Fan Forum: Which Flyer Do You Hate Most?


Fan Forum: Which Flyer Do You Hate Most? To this day in Boston, the mere mention of the Philadelphia Flyers causes a myriad of angry reactions.

The Bruins’ playoff blunder still lingers in the minds of Bostonians six months later, and those emotions will bubble up again as the B’s skate into Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday night.

For Bruins fans, its more than just a general dislike for the team itself — it goes much deeper than that. B’s fans have deep-seeded frustrations with individual members on the Flyers roster, as each one seems more irritating than the last.

But which one of today’s Broad Street Bullies do you dislike most?

Dan Carcillo has played just three seasons with the Flyers and it seems he’s already caused more headaches for the Bruins than the entire team combined. His cheap shots from the 2010 playoffs alone could keep fans complaining until the 2011 playoffs start. From biting to diving, Carcillo is just one nasty piece of work.

Scott Hartnell may have cut the red mop off his head, but the Bruins’ frustrations with the right winger still linger. It’s hard to forget the vicious hit on Andrew Alberts three years ago, and it’s obvious Hartnell is still embracing the tough guy role. He ranks sixth in the NHL in penalty minutes with 70 this season.

Chris Pronger may be somewhat new to the Flyers, but he has established himself as a “love or hate” player in the NHL, and there is no in between. He’s had his fair share of questionable hits and dumb penalties in his 17-year career, in addition to the infamous puck stealing incident. Let’s just say Pronger has been around long enough to garner a few haters.

Captain Mike Richards may have sullied his name through other avenues in the NHL, most notably this season by complaining during postgame interviews. Calling the Penguins “divers” and ripping Habs rookie P.K. Subban has earned Richards the “whiny” label, but his play on the ice has improved after a brief dip in 2009-10, proving he’s just as frustrating on the ice as off.

Or what about one of the newest Flyers, Jody Shelley? Shelley hasn’t stirred up any dust with the Bruins as a Flyer, but he’s a known instigator and has 14 penalty minutes in seven career games against the B’s, and he’s sure to ruffle a few feathers in the matchup on Wednesday.

Who is your least favorite Flyer? Share your thoughts below.

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