Report: Jenn Sterger May Go Public With New Brett Favre Evidence Tuesday


Jenn Sterger has gone from a victim to an attention-seeking has-been, just like Brett Favre.

When Deadspin broke the Sterger-Favre story two months ago, the sports world sat on pins and needles waiting for Roger Goodell to address the matter with a hefty fine or possible suspension of the legendary quarterback.

Favre may have lost his dignity, but it looks like he will escape with his wallet and consecutive start streak intact. On Monday night, Chris Mortenson reported that the investigation could be resolved as early as Tuesday, but he reiterated's most recent report from Peter King — Favre likely will not be suspended.

Now, Sterger is threatening to release new evidence if the NFL doesn’t discipline Favre. According to her manager, Phil Reese, the former sideline reporter only wants the NFL to "clear her name."

"[Sterger] provided extensive evidence that irrefutably proves there was harassment," said Reese to TMZ. "No matter what happens, Jenn has all legal remedies, including going public … if the NFL doesn't clear her name."

The hope for a suspension would be moot if Brett Favre's shoulder injury suffered last week keeps him from playing anyway, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

"I expect him to be back this week because I'm like you and everybody else over the past 18, 20 years,'' said Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier to Sports Illustrated. "He gets hurt, but he always seems like he rebounds and is ready to go the next game. But we'll see.''

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