Jets Order New York Steakhouse to Remove ‘Jets-Themed’ Menu Items


For all the controversy the New York Jets have been involved with this season, you'd think they'd stop sweating the small stuff.

According to the New York Post, however, the Jets have ordered a local steakhouse to take off certain Jets-themed menu items were not authorized by the team.

Prime KO Japanese Steakhouse, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, was serving "green on green Jets salad" and a "Jets dragon roll" until team spokeswoman Jessica Ciccone called the restaurant and demanded the items be taken off the menu. Despite the fact that the head chef, Makoto Kameyama, is a huge fan, the Jets apparently care very strongly about protecting their brand.

Meanwhile, Kameyama, originally from Japan, continues to support his favorite team, and even added a Jets-themed latke to the menu for Hanukkah — a potato pancake topped with basil, to be specific.

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