LeBron James Defends Struggling Peyton Manning on Twitter, While Putting Down Trent Dilfer

After watching ESPN's NFL analyst Trent Dilfer criticizing Peyton Manning on SportsCenter, LeBron James took out his anger on Twitter — as he usually does.

Maybe James was in a sympathizing mood after watching his beloved Cowboys win their third game under the team's new head coach Jason Garrett. Or, it might have been just because he feels, as many football lovers do, that Manning has something special that many players do not have.

"Watching SC and Trent Dilfer is talking bad on how Peyton Manning is playing as of late!" James tweeted. "In his wildest dream could never ever do the things Peyton does on the field."

"Peyton does on the field. Good or bad! People get on TV and think they can say whatever they want! And it’s always former players! Crazy!" James continued.

James is correct that Dilfer is nowhere near the quarterback that Manning is, despite getting a Super Bowl ring in 2001. That may have more to do with the Ravens putting together one of the all-time best defenses in NFL history, though.

Dilfer played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers from 1994-2007. He was a Pro Bowl selection in 1997.