Liverpool Loses Added-Time Andy Carroll Strike Sends Newcastle Through 3-1 at St. James' Park

Full Time, Newcastle 3-1: The supporters are stunned. Liverpool had equalized to begin the half, and they looked the better side until the Ameobi injury. The teams know the match is over now, and Newcastle waste the final seconds on a short free kick. What a disappointing way for what was a competitive, exciting match to come to an end. The supporters at St. James' Park are content, those at Phoenix Landing with LFC Boston are not. Analysis and video from Liverpool supporters at Phoenix Landing to come.

90+1', Newcastle 3-1: Torres has a chance on a volley as Liverpool rush forward. They maintain the pressure in the box and win a corner. The corner is well taken. Johnson and Krul collide going for it, but it is over the net for a goal kick. Four minutes of added time. Kyrgiakos is now playing forward. Newcastle go on the attack. Andy Carroll shoots from distance. Goal — low to the far post. What a shot. 3-1 Newcastle.

89', Newcastle 2-1: Hodgson is sending Milan Jovanovic on for Maxi Rodriguez — not much more that he can do with Ngog off. Newcastle, though, are on the front foot.  Ranger gets the ball in the box, but he cannot turn towards goal and shoot. Liverpool clear, but Newcastle keep the ball. They send it long — it's nearly time wasting time. Nolan comes off for Newcastle to an ovation. He is replaced by Smith.  Liverpool set up their attack forward — Newcastle are very compact now — they win a goal kick.

85', Newcastle 2-1: The supporters here simply can't believe it — what an unfortunate goal. A defensive lapse, though, didn't seem that unlikely after all of Rangers' incursions. Liverpool win a free kick at midfield after the pressure on the pitch had clearly risen. Liverpool win a corner, but Barton clears.  Liverpool keep the ball, but Torres fouls Taylor above the area. Roy Hodgson looks very frustrated.

81', Newcastle 2-1: Johnson makes a run forward and wins a yellow card against Gutierrez by the right corner.  Meireles looks for Kyrgiakos but it is well defended. It falls for Lucas, but his long effort is not near the target. The tension is surely rising as full time is just about 10 minutes away. Liverpool attack as Maxi Rodriguez looks for Babel from left to right, but the flag is up. Newcastle send it forward quickly. A mistake at the back off a Carroll header lets the ball fall past Skrtel, and Barton touches it in past Reina. Goal. Barton. 2-1.

77', 1-1: The game has become more physical of late. Ranger continues his assault forward, but commits a foul in the process. Reina kicks it all the way to Krul.  Carroll's flick on off the goal kick almost finds Ranger. Newcastle stay forward, and another cross in towards Carroll results in a foul from the big striker. Newcastle continue to keep the pressure on after the next Liverpool clearance. Gutierrez finds Ranger who lays it off for Tiote, but his shot is well high. Newcastle win another free kick from midfield for Barton. Kyrgiakos gets his head to it first, and Liverpool are granted a throw.

73', 1-1: Free kick for Newcastle looks dangerous in the air near the Liverpool goal. It is, however, cleared. David Ngog looks bloodied. His face is covered in red, and Kyrgiakos is attending to him — the game has stopped. Babel on for Ngog — the action continues.

69', 1-1: Barton to Ranger down the right again results in a goal kick as Skrtel does enough this time. Newcastle wins the ball off the goal kick, but Liverpool win it back in midfield. Newcastle win it in their own third, and Torres commits a foul in pursuit.  Ranger almost gets through again as Newcastle continue to attack — the substitution has changed the game. Carroll wins a ball in the center which results in a cross in from the left, but to nobody.  Ranger almost gets by Kyrgiakos again — he's working so hard against the Liverpool defense.

65', 1-1: Carroll sends a dangerous cross to the center that barely misses Ameobi — dangerous. The counter sends Torres to the corner, and his cross is cleared to the Liverpool midfield line. The Reds, however, maintain the attack until Nolan gets it out. Ameobi sits down on the pitch. He looks ready to come off, with Ranger (30) coming on. That won't change much tactically. Ranger immediately gets involved, winning a ball long past Kyrgiakos. Skrtel made a desperate challenge that altered Ranger, and he shot wide past the far post — should have scored. Ranger gets past Skrtel again down the right and sends a cross to Reina — just moments after.

61', 1-1:  A counter attack falls to Torres, and he shoots low — just wide from the top of the area. He had Krul beat. Liverpool are continuing to create near-miss after near-miss.The teams kick it around in midfield for a spell — letting the game settle off a high ever so slightly. Newcastle build from their defenses and eventually find Carroll in the corner, but he loses out to Kyrgiakos. Torres is offside on the counter.

57', 1-1: Liverpool again look dangerous as Kuyt attacks up the right and sends a cross in. Ngog has a free header but puts it down off target — he may have been looking for Torres. Ameobi is flagged on a run forward for either offsides or handball. Lucas makes his presence felt winning a ball in midfield and creating a dangerous attack, one ball short of a goal. On the counter, Barton sends a cross from the right  that Carroll gets his head onto in front of goal — but he misses high. That was an escape — the supporters here know they just dodged a bullet.

53', 1-1: We're getting Dirk Kuyt songs from the supporters.  What a goal by Kuyt — amazing. Torres has a near goal as he wins a header behind the defense, but Krul saves. Just moments later, Torres gets behind Campbell with a great first touch, but Krul makes an amazing save. Newcastle look very shaky now.  The supporters can sense what's about to come.

49',1-1: The half begins with the generic tentative possession from both sides. Liverpool are the first to gain an advantage, but it is short lived, and Newcastle build from the back.  Eventually, it is turned to Kyrgiakos, who is fouled. Liverpool build down the left. Eventually, a throw falls to Kuyt in the center and he wanders past two defenders and dribbles it past Krul at the far post off a deflection. Goal. Kuyt! 1-1.

Half Analysis: Liverpool could have perhaps had a better half, but this was not a disastrous performance by any means. Newcastle scored on one of their few chances of the match — pretty much all of which have come on set pieces, and Liverpool were unlucky to have not scored on multiple occasions such as the off-line clearance and the potential Maxi Rodriguez penalty. Liverpool's play was up and down, and at times they seemed to be outworked by Newcastle, but generally, they were dangerous for the better portion of the first 45 minutes. Because of Newcastle's workrate and shape, Liverpool have been best when they are patient in trying to break the Magpies down.  Hopefully, they won't be too frustrated for that patience to continue in the second 45.

Half, Newcastle 1-0: A longball forward towards Carroll results in penalty appeals from the St. James' Park faithful, but to no avail. Liverpool attack up the left, and a great Konchesky cross in finds nobody, somehow. Liverpool do, however, control off the clearance and win a corner. Meireles' first kick is waived off, and he takes it again after some confusion. The second kick is better. It finds Kyrgiakos, but his header goes slightly past the far post — so close.

44', Newcastle 1-0: Kyrgiakos gives away a free kick in the center of the field on the edge of the Liverpool final third. He can't believe it and gets into it with the refs — the supporters agree.  Liverpool clear the set piece, though there was some danger. The teams exchange possession harmlessly for a minute or so thereafter, but Liverpool finally win it in the center. Rodriguez goes down at the top of the box, but no whistle comes. Rodriguez is livid — so are the supporters. Liverpool come right back close just moments later, but Newcastle clear for a throw. Upon replay review, the Rodriguez call could've gone either way.

40', Newcastle 1-0: The teams exchange in midfield, and Liverpool have a chance to build from the back. The buildup is well done through Kuyt and Konchesky — Rodriguez as well.  Eventually, a Kuyt header goes too far and Krul claims. On the kick, Kuyt receives a smack on the head from Tiote — and a warning is given. Liverpool build from the back, but give it up to Newcastle after a Kyrgiakos longball.

36', Newcastle 1-0: Newcastle almost make a mistake at the back, which results in a corner. Meireles' corner finds nobody, but it isn't cleared well and a shot off Ngog is saved off the line by a Newcastle outfield player — incredibly unlucky. The supporters here cannot believe it. Newcastle have really escaped. Liverpool win a series of throws deep in the Newcastle zone, but they result in a counter attack in which Amoebi shoots on target, but it is deflected just wide for a corner — had Reina beaten. Barton's effort can't connect to anybody — goal kick.

32', Newcastle 1-0:  Newcastle finally give up a throw to Liverpool, but they win it back at midfield. he ball is sent long to Carroll. He gets it down, and then takes a shot on target low, but Reina stops it. Liverpool have now gone a matter of minutes without looking particularly dangerous. They haven't remotely been able to win the midfield battle the way they did last week against Villa.

28', Newcastle 1-0:  The teams just now are working back into the action after the stoppage. Liverpool are maintaining possession, but building slowly. Eventually, the ball is sent to Torres and Campbell and he collide. It is called against Campbell, giving Liverpool a free kick right at the top of the box. The Liverpool faithful here groan as Torres' kick goes into the wall and eventually out for a goal kick — no danger. Newcastle wins the ball in midfield and attacks up the right, but have trouble breaking Liverpool down. Newcastle maintain the threat forward for an extended period.

24', Newcastle 1-0:  The action has stopped for a matter of minutes as Tiote is helped off the field for Newcastle. A near mistake at the back almost gives Liverpool a gift poaching chance. The fans here seem to have quieted ever so slightly, matching the lull on the pitch.

20', Newcastle 1-0:  Liverpool looked the more dangerous side up until that set piece — definitely a goal against the run of play.  Possession is relatively equal in the minutes after the goal — no odd momentum shift. Johnson receives a yellow card in midfield. It is sent into the box and dangerously near Sol Campbell, but Reina collects.  The counter attack finds Torres, and he makes a dangerous run into the box before sending it back out. Johnson finds Maxi Rodriguez on a ball in, but his header is high.

16', Newcastle 1-0: Kyrgiakos concedes a free kick to Carroll above the area. Barton kicks it down the right. He finds Carroll's head, and Carroll hits it down for Kevin Nolan. Nolan scores past Reina. GOAL. Nolan. 1-0 Newcastle.

12', 0-0: Liverpool possess off the free kick in the Newcastle third. Johnson gets possession on the wing and is fouled right above the box. Meireles' kick is cleared out of the box, but sent back in and almost scored by Kyrgiakos. He had a close range shot from the far post. Newcastle get their first real piece of offense together. Carroll gets alone behind the defense and mishandles it just moments after a dangerous cross had been cleared out of the Liverpool box.  Liverpool attack forward thereafter, ultimately picking out Torres at the top of the box unsuccessfully.

8', 0-0: Amoebi gets on the end of a ball down the left, but he is half a yard offside.  Skrtel gives up a throw in the Liverpool half, but nothing harmful comes of it. The teams exchange in midfield with neither team being able to get very far. Torres almost found an open run, but the ball was not quite right. Newcastle attack down the left, but they give it up to Reina easily.  Liverpool come down the center where Lucas is fouled by Nolan.

4', 0-0: Liverpool take the better part of the opening touches — beginning casually. Possession is held well in midfield and Maxi Rodriguez finds some space in the final third and shoots from range — too high. Newcastle control off the goal kick, but Liverpool win it quickly with good pressure. It goes back to Newcastle's defense thereafter. They send it forward with a series of longballs.

12 p.m.: Lineups posted below — no surprises. Torres will be back up top with Ngog.

9 a.m.: Liverpool's trip to St. James' Park has fallen at perhaps the most opportune of times, as the hosts find themselves in the midst of a managerial crisis.

Owner Mike Ashley had former manager Chris Hughton fired earlier this week citing his lack of top-tier experience, but then, Ashley proceeded to hire a man with only two years of top-flight experience himself, Alan Pardew.

Pardew was not considered a favorite for the Newcastle Job as Martin Jol and Martin O'Neil were, so he surely will have a lot to prove — to the players and the supporters — in his managerial debut.

Newcastle, though, are riddled with injury issues and will have to cope with a Liverpool side that has looked vastly improved in recent weeks. Fernando Torres will be back for the reds following the birth of his second child. Steven Gerrard, however, will not yet return to the lineup.

We'll be with LFC Boston at Phoenix Landing in Cambridge for the match.

Kickoff will be at 12:30 p.m. ET. Full lineups will be posted prior to kickoff.


Pepe Reina, (25) goalkeeper
Martin Skrtel, (37) defender
Sotirios Kyrgiakos, (16) defender
Paul Konchesky, (3) defender
Glen Johnson, (2) defender
Raul Meireles, (4) midfielder
Lucas, (21) midfielder
Maxi Rodríguez, (17) midfielder
Dirk Kuyt, (18) midfielder
Fernando Torres, (9) forward
David Ngog, (24) forward


Joe Cole, (10)
Fabio Aurelio, (6)
Ryan Babel, (19)
Brad Jones, (1)
Christian Poulsen, (28)
Martin Kelly, (34)
Milan Jovanovic, (14)

Newcastle United

Tim Krul, (26) goalkeeper
Steven Taylor, (27) defender
Sol Campbell, (5) defender
Sanchez Jose Enrique, (3) defender
Danny Simpson, (12) defender
Ismael Chiek Tioté, (24) midfielder
Kevin Nolan, (4) midfielder
Jonás Gutiérrez, (18) midfielder
Joey Barton, (7) midfielder
Andrew Carroll, (9) forward
Shola Ameobi, (23) forward


Alan Smith, (17)
Steve Harper, (1)
Wayne Routledge, (10)
James Perch, (14)
Peter Lövenkrands, (11)
Danny Guthrie, (8)
Nile Ranger, (30)