The apple doesn’t fall far from the Guillen family tree.

On Tuesday, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen‘s son, Oney , called out former White Sox reliever Bobby Jenks on Twitter. The current Red Sox reliever was accused of having drinking and marital problems, among many other cruel remarks.

Below is just a handful of tweets, which started with: “hahah memo to bobby jenks get a clue u drink to much and u have had marital problems hugeee ones and the sox stood behind u.”

“u cried in the managers office bc u have problems now u go and talk bad about the sox after they protected u for 7 years ungrateful”

“they did not air out ur dirty laundry, u came to [spring] not drinking and then u sucked and started [drinking] again be a man”

“and to think u were actually a cool guy and ur word meant something, to bad u dont hit in the AL so they can drill that ***”

“and u say the manager didnt trust u? he kept putting ur fat *** there and u kept blowing it, he never took u away from that role unreal”

“one little story remember when u couldnt handle ur drinking and u hit a poor arizona clubby in the face i do.”