We've all seen it happen. Some fan comes streaking onto the field in a full sprint, being chased in circles by a team of security guards like kids playing tag, until the camera cuts away and the announcers remind us that we can't see the proceedings unfold because that would encourage the act. Instead, we usually get to see players chuckling on the sidelines.

On Monday night, a fan took a different approach to storming the field at the Vikings-Bears game and managed to get all the way to the huddle without conflict. His strategy? He simply strolled out there like it wasn't a big deal and made it all the way to the Bears huddle — even speaking with Brandon Manumaleuna.

Unfortunately, after security did catch up with him, he lost his pants while being escorted off the field.

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Random Fan Upstages Brett Favre, Devin Hester on 'Monday Night Football' With Casual Walk to Bears' Huddle

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"Coming out of college, coaches told me I wasn't gonna be nothing but a kickoff and punt return dude."
Devin Hester, who now holds the record as the greatest punt return dude of all time

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Matt Dodge has so many new friends.

"He may also eat free at my house any time."

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This kind of thing can only help the Lingerie Football League continue to gain momentum.