Once again, Jets head coach Rex Ryan is making headlines for something completely unrelated to American football.

While the majority of the football world cleans up their vomit following the news of the foot fetish of him and his wife, Michelle, folks can try to keep their thoughts away from the Ryans' little piggies with the Goddamn Snack Time game, presented by Tauntr.com.

The point of the game is to have Ryan eat as much bad food as possible as it falls from the sky. Getting in between Ryan's mouth and a slice of pizza, burritos, beers and burgers (never a good spot to be in) is Bill Belichick sniping the goodies with a camera laser gun and the famous Patriots head coach's hooded sweatshirt that falls along with food in attempt to smother the Jets coach's head.

Check out the screengrab below, and play the game for yourself by clicking here.

Rex Ryan's Online Snacking Game Not Fun Enough to Take Attention Away From Foot Fetish