A few weeks ago, Jets head coach Rex Ryan joked that he was like Tom Brady in many ways, particularly in that they’re both married to supermodels. Brady has Gisele Bundchen, while Ryan has Michelle Ryan, who posed in InStyle magazine wearing Jets gear.

Rex was joking, but now his wife has been accused of doing some modeling that isn’t quite as funny.

Deadspin.com decided this week to throw out as many wild rumors and as much rampant speculation as humanly possible, and on Tuesday, that included a claim that Michelle Ryan is an Internet sensation as a foot fetish model, formerly known as “ihaveprettyfeet” (link is here, but be warned there is some foul language and potentially offensive videos, depending on your stance on feet).

The woman in one of the videos on the site does indeed look exactly like the wife of the Jets’ coach, and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to think the cameraman sounds an awful lot like Rex. The account of the user in question also used to list her location as Ellicott City, Md., which just happens to be where the Ryans lived when Rex was still working for the Ravens.

Still, none of that counts exactly as conclusive evidence, but, well, based on what Rex said in his news conference on Wednesday, it’s pretty much fact at this point.

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Rex Ryan's Wife, Michelle Ryan, Caught Up in Wild Foot Fetish Allegations

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