It was a fateful night last September when Jared Coppola, then 16 years old, went in for a tackle during a scrimmage playing for St. Johns' Prep School. He tried to get up after making the hit, but he realized he couldn't.

Coppola broke the fifth vertebrae in his neck in the tackle, compressing his spinal cord. Coppola was taken to Children's Hospital Boston where he began his rehabilitation.

Strangely enough, this wasn't the first time the Coppola family had dealt with such a debilitating injury. Jared's triplet brother suffered a similar fate, ending his football career. Jared's injury was even more critical than his brother's, as he faces the uncertainty of ever walking again.

Jared remains positive, however, and uses strength from his family and football team to persevere. In Jared's mind, looking forward is far more important to him than looking back.

To hear more of Jared's incredible story, watch the video above from NESN Daily.