Tom Brady Never Satisfied Until Final Whistle, Even in Middle of Blowout


Tom Brady Never Satisfied Until Final Whistle, Even in Middle of Blowout In a lot of ways, the Patriots’ 45-3 dismantling of the Jets in front of a national television audience was a throwback to the days of 2007.

Obviously, there were no long bombs to a wide open Randy Moss, but Tom Brady and the Pats were scoring at will and completely dominating their opponent in every phase of the game. There were fourth-down conversions and even complaints from Patriot haters of running up the score.

That’s something that Brady never feels is possible, as he explained Tuesday on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan Show.

“[Bill Belichick] said in the fourth quarter, ‘Listen, this game isn’t over,” Brady said on WEEI. “We’re playing for 60 minutes. I don’t give a [expletive] what the score is. We’re playing for 60 minutes.

“That’s something that we’ve been talking about all season. We played — like the Steelers, for example, we had a great three quarters and then didn’t play well in the fourth quarter. The Colts — we had a great three quarters, didn’t play well in the fourth quarter. So, even though we’re playing well through three quarters in this game, it’s like, ‘OK, guys, this is what we’ve been talking about. We’re not playing a great 48 minutes, 52 minutes, 59 minutes. We’re playing a great 60 minutes.”

And though the game looked to be over shortly after halftime, the win was something Brady never took for granted. In fact, he seemed almost paranoid about a Jets comeback.

“I think 31-3, I don’t feel like the game’s over,” he said on WEEI. “I know probably on TV it looks like, OK, this game’s over, [but] we’re trying to play 60 minutes of football. … What if it’s 31-3 and then they score a touchdown. And OK, we just run three plays and punt. They score again, 31-17. Then they get an onside kick, 31-24. Now it’s a seven-point game. So I think we’re trying to execute all the way throughout the game, and I don’t think there’s any time when we’re out there that we’re not expected to go out there and execute really well.”

Though Brady might have not felt comfortable during the game, he was certainly feeling just fine afterward. Did he have any regrets about putting up 45 points on the loudmouth Jets?

“I would never, never feel sorry for the Jets,” he said. “There’s no chance.”

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