Top 10 Reasons to Hate the New York Jets Even Patriots fans can admit there are some things to like about the New York Jets.

For example, was there a better season of HBO’s Hard Knocks than this past season? While Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may have passed on it, there were plenty throughout the region who could not turn away from the TV when it came on. Plus, Jets coach Rex Ryan‘s quest for a snack is now the stuff of legend.

Also, there’s Ines Sainz. If it weren’t for the Jets’ alleged locker room misconduct around the Mexican journalist, we’d never have the pleasure of discovering Ms. Sainz. So there’s that, too.

If those don’t do it for you, you have to admit the now-syndicated CBS sitcom King of Queens was pretty darn funny, despite the fact that Kevin James‘ character, Doug Heffernan, was a Jets fan.

The most hardcore Patriots fan may be able to admit to at least one of those things being true, but most Pats fans will have an easier time compiling a list reasons they hate the Jets.

Luckily, we got the list started for you.

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