LeBron James' heated return to Cleveland drew enormous TV ratings Thursday night, according to TNT's Jeff Pomeroy.

The TNT telecast of the Heat- Cavaliers game drew a 5.0 overnight TV rating, blasting last season’s matchup of the Celtics vs. Spurs, which received a 1.4 TV rating, by 257 percent.

LeBron's return also squashed the 4.1 overnight rating that the NFL Network's telecast of the Eagles and Texans by 22 percent.

In Cleveland, the TV rating for the game was unheard of as it pulled in an absurd 25.4 overnight rating compared to the 14.9 rating received in the Miami area.

As one would guess, the ratings, which peaked around 8:15-8:30p.m., declined dramatically as LeBron and the Heat took over the game. The TNT pregame show with Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson had a rating of 5.9.