Bill Hambrecht has invested a lot of money in the UFL, and the league founder and owner of the Las Vegas Locos believes his business is going to skyrocket.

"The dust has barely settled on the 2010 season, but we are already firmly focused on 2011 and the opportunities that lie ahead," Hambrecht said. "The league is currently completing its long-term planning process and I believe that the successes of the past two years and the initiatives we are putting in place are evidence that the United Football League is moving towards a steady future."

League attendance topped 300,000, including numerous sellouts in Omaha and Sacramento, thanks to former NFL stars Jeff Garcia, Daunte Culpepper and Dominic Rhodes participating. The championship game, which featured Hambrecht's Locos and the Florida Tuskers, was broadcast live to a worldwide audience on YouTube.

"The UFL package is about more than simply the game on the field and our pregame entertainment and stadium tailgating experience appealed to fans of multiple demographics. The affordability of our product and the player accessibility — such as signing autographs for fans after every game — proved very attractive to families and to parents who were able to introduce their children to live professional football for the first time."