Vote: Is Jayson Werth Worth $126 Million?


Vote: Is Jayson Werth Worth $126 Million? The baseball world was rocked on Sunday by news that Jayson Werth had agreed to a seven year, $126 million deal with the Washington Nationals. Werth had widely been thought to be most likely to end up in Boston, but instead, the Nats roped him in with a megadeal that will set the market for this offseason — but was the price right?

Seven years, $126 million means that Werth will be getting paid huge money until he is 38-years-old — not an age when players are generally very productive. There’s also the issue of what Werth offers at $18 million per year. 2010 was by far his best year — a .921 OPS and eighth place in the MVP voting.

He’s hit at least 24 home runs and batted around .280 for the past three years, which is solid, but not what one would call superstar numbers. In 2005, Werth batted just .234 and left Los Angeles for Philadelphia. There, he found protection in the midst of the league’s most complete lineup — which likely contributed relatively significantly to his output. As the focal point in Washington, things may be very different.

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