Women’s Rugby Team Makes Nude Calendar to Draw More Women to Sport


Women's Rugby Team Makes Nude Calendar to Draw More Women to Sport If you are tired of that old LOLcat or You Betcha! Sarah Palin calendar, you may want to ask Aunt Rose for the new nude women’s rugby calendar.

The Old Boys University women’s rugby team bared all for the calendar this past Sunday, according to stuff.co.nz. The hop was to prove that women rugby players are not masculine and unfeminine.


The idea behind the photo shoot may have been to promote women’s rugby to women, but the calendar may attract a slightly different audience.

Bekki Abernethy — seen making an impressive catch in the photo — had a great sense of humor and humility throughout the shoot, but one thing caught her off guard.

“I’ve had a few grandmothers say they’re going to buy it for their grandsons for Christmas,” she said, according to the website. “Instead of the usual sock and tie combination, they get a naked calendar!”

In other news, I’m still expecting an ugly sweater from nana.

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Women's Rugby Team Makes Nude Calendar to Draw More Women to Sport

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