Liverpool has reportedly offered £6.5million for Blackpool midfielder Charlie Adam, 13 times what the Seasiders paid for the 25-year-old Scottish international in Aug. 2009.

Despite such a return on investment — and a transfer request from Adam — Blackpool manager Ian Holloway and chief executive Karl Oyston have refused to budge on his valuation of well over £10 million, making a deal before Monday’s deadline unlikely.

That, understandably, hasn’t sat well with Adam — or his father, Charlie senior.

“Blackpool are such a cheap-skate club,” he said, according to Sky Sports.

“I don’t even think this is about money. It’s because Charlie took them to a tribunal over the bonus they owed him.

“This is their pay-back. They are saying ‘you won’t make anything out of this, we have got you under contract’.

“Liverpool’s offer is 13 times what Blackpool paid for Charles. And they are turning it down? They have been more than compensated for him already.

“Mr Oyston has got to realise it is somebody’s life and future that he is dealing with here. I think it is petty. This should be a time for common sense to prevail.”

Holloway has suggested that Blackpool must hold on to Adam in order to stay afloat in the relegation battle, but Adam senior disputes such as well.

“Blackpool have been looking at other players. They could do without Charlie.”