Danny Woodhead Laughs Off Joe Theismann’s ‘Danny Woodcock’ Slipup


Danny Woodhead Laughs Off Joe Theismann's 'Danny Woodcock' Slipup FOXBORO, Mass. — During an intense week that has involved some obscene name-calling, Patriots running back Danny Woodhead figures he probably could have been called worse.

Of course, retired NFL quarterback Joe Theismann doesn’t play for the Jets, so there probably wasn’t any ill intent when he jumbled his words and referred to Woodhead as “Danny Woodcock,” a slipup that somehow caused everyone on the NFL Network set to lose their ability to stand or sit in an upright position.

“I have not [seen it], man,” Woodhead said with a laugh. “I heard something about it. It’s funny. That’s good. That’s funny.”

At the very least, Woodhead enjoyed the notion that people are at least talking about him, but he also said his name gets messed up with a strange amount of regularity.

“It happens all the time,” said Woodhead, who never really stopped laughing about it. “I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me.”

(Photo of Mr. Woodcock from NYtimes.com)

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