Fan Forum: Which Paul Pierce Slam Dunk Was Best of His Career?


Fan Forum: Which Paul Pierce Slam Dunk Was Best of His Career? Celtics captain Paul Pierce can score in a variety of ways. His patented step-back jump shot is a thing of beauty. He has the range to score from anywhere on the court. And every now and then, like he showed on Sunday against the Raptors, The Truth can take it to the hole.

Pierce gave poster-makers everywhere some prime material when he put the exclamation point on a Celtics win over the Raptors with a thunderous fourth-quarter dunk over two Raptors.

While Pierce, once upon a time, was participating in high school slam dunk contests, his NBA career has seen him tone down the dunks some, especially as he gets a little bit older. But then he comes out with a dunk like he did on Sunday, and it makes you think about the rare occasions when he does some rim-rocking.

Here are some of the best of Pierce’s career.

1. Pierce often brings some of his best work for games with the Lakers. And a few years back, in a game at Staples Center, Pierce reminded center Chris Mihm just that. Pierce also reminded Mihm it’s best to stay our the air when he’s coming through.

2. Pierce and the Celtics have gone to battle a couple of times with the Heat this season. Of course, Chris Bosh now plays for the Heat, and entering the opening-night matchup between the two, there were whispers that Bosh was out for revenge on Pierce. Why did he seek revenge? Well, this may have something to do with it.

3. Something about playing the Raptors brings out the best in No. 34’s vertical leap. That was the case on Sunday. Pierce, coming off a rough game in a loss to the Hornets on Friday, came out playing inspired basketball. He capped it off with this dunk over two Raptors.

He’s had some good ones, but which is his best? Share your thoughts below.

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