'Field of Dreams' Leads the Way in Top 10 Baseball Movies Made Tuesday saw the release of Academy Award nominations, with a local favorite very much in the mix.
Since the news on the baseball front was limited to Jorge Cantu signing with San Diego and Armando Galarraga being traded to Arizona, even those keenly focused on spring training may have noticed the announcement out of Hollywood. Perhaps, that caused them to blend those thoughts and recall the long-held connection between baseball and cinema.
From Abbott and Costello’s legendary Who’s On First? short to the equally legendary Summer Catch, a rom-com centered around Cape League action, there have been countless efforts to portray the game and all it has to offer.

Just asking the question,"What is the best baseball movie?" can elicit intense debate. For the sake of starting one of our own, we attempt to answer that very question. Here is one writer's top 10 baseball movies of all time (the Summer Catch thing was a joke, by the way, so don’t look for it on this list, even though Jessica Biel was at her very best).

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