University of Florida hoops star Vernon Macklin simply wanted teammate Chandler Parsons to know how clutch he was in the Tuesday's 104-91 epic victory over Georgia.

After Parsons rose up and drained a three, Macklin gave him a celebratory towel whip — with brutal consequences.

Macklin caught Parsons in the groin area, sending his teammate to the floor.

The incident, of course, was followed by a barrage of tweets.

"Huge win for the Gators! Heading back to gville icing my boys. Thanks @vernon_macklin," Parsons tweeted after the game.

Parsons then asked Macklin if he was ready for their appearance on Sportscenter's "Not Top 10," tweeting, "Not top 10 coming up soon, @vernon_macklin u watching this?"

Macklin unfortunately missed it. "@ChandlerParsons: Not top 10 coming up soon, @vernon_macklin u watching this? <Ahh man I was sleep I missed it lol," he responded.

Macklin, however, has been worried about retaliation. "As soon as I get on planes I get Mad sleepy. But I don't trust @ChandlerParsons so its no way I'm goin to sleep near this guy," he wrote.

Parsons assured the world that he has made a full recovery on Thursday, according to the Palm Beach Post.

"It was unbelievable,” he said. "My Twitter went crazy, text messages. No one even said, ‘Way to play.’ It was all, ‘How are your boys?’ I can promise you they still work."

See the footage below.


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Florida Forward Chandler Parsons Makes Full Recovery After Teammate Vernon Macklin Injures His Groin With Towel

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