Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner has expressed that he wants general manager Brian Cashman to return to the New York Yankees after his contract is up in one year.

Steinbrenner did not say, however, which form of Brian Cashman he wanted back – the Cashman of years past who was at the helm of one of the most successful organizations in MLB history, or the Derek Jeter-bashing, bartending Cashman of the past few months.

ESPN.com reports that Cashman expressed that he wants to stay with the team, despite some rocky times among the ranks of the Yankees' organization. When asked if he acted out purposely to get fired, the Yankees GM defended himself, saying that he felt he had done nothing wrong.

"What have I done that's so explosive?" he said. "What have I done that's so controversial? I did nothing improper or wrong or controversial or explosive."

Steinbrenner also defended Cashman's actions, saying "I think Brian does a great job," he said. "We need to sit and talk, but now is not the time for that."

ESPN.com also claims that the Yankees feel that Cashman is the "right" man for the job, but are waiting until the end of the season to discuss a possible contract extension, per team policy.

Strikes against Cashman in the offseason so far include: failing to sign Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee, telling fans at a breakfast that Derek Jeter could move from shortstop to center field, fighting with Jeter's agents over his value, disagreeing with the signing of Rafael Soriano and failing to put together a solid starting rotation.