Liverpool Live Blog: Fernando Torres Double, Raul Meireles Blast Give Reds 3-0 Win at Molineux


January 22, 2011

Liverpool Live Blog: Fernando Torres Double, Raul Meireles Blast Give Reds 3-0 Win at Molineux

Full time, Liverpool 3-0: Torres and Meireles have starred for Liverpool in the decisive victory — the first of Dalglish's second tenure.

The teams lazily exchange the ball for a couple of minutes, and the whistle blows — nice win for Liverpool and Dalglish.

90', Liverpool 3-0:

Goal –Torres 90' — Kuyt centers to Torres off a counter.

Three minutes of added time.

Doyle wins the header on a longball and sends it to Fletcher, but he can't get on it.

Liverpool now looks comfortable, clearing Wolves more easily than they had 10 minutes ago.

Ward gets a cross in, but it is again cut out and Liverpool has a chance on the counter. They, however, hold up and waste some time.

They keep it well, and Liverpool works its way forward down the left — and then all the way to Reina.

Kuyt makes an onside run down the left, and he manages to center it to Torres in the center who puts it in the empty net. Goal! 3-0 Liverpool.

87', Liverpool 2-0:

Yellow Card — Meireles 85' — Bad challenge in midfield.

Liverpool has space, and Torres sends a ball for Kuyt, but it is cut out by the last man.

Meireles gets a yellow card in midfield, and Wolves quickly go forward.

Shelvey cuts it out and finds Torres on his own.

Torres, though, is cut out on his breakaway.

Wolves send it long and again clear to midfield. They come forward again, but make little progress with Liverpool having so many men behind the ball.

84', Liverpool 2-0: Reina is caught out on a cross, but nobody is there for Wolves.

Doyle wins a free kick to the left of the area — a dangerous spot.

Hammill takes it to Milijas above the area, but he can't get a shot off.

Torres gets it on the counter, and Torres' defleted shot is dangerous, but Hennessey saves.

Wolves again try up the left with Doyle and Jarvis, but Meireles cuts it out and maintains possession.

Jarvis has space on the right and crosses in, but Fletcher can't finish the header  — again a dangerous chance.

81', Liverpool 2-0:

Aurelio on for Rodriguez 81'

Doyle and Jarvis again combine up the right, but the cross is again cut out and sent to Hennessey.

Fabio Aurelio comes on for Maxi Rodriguez — a slightly defensive substitution to deal with the impressive Hammill.

Ward wins a throw deep on the left as Kelly defends well.

78', Liverpool 2-0: Wolves again have a great chance with a ball bouncing around the area, but Hammill completely misses a should-have-been goal right in front of Pepe Reina.

They come right back, but the header by Zubar misses the target, and Liverpool clears.

Henry sends it to Jarvis, but the ball is too heavy.

Reina takes his time with the goal kick, and Wolves get a throw in midfield. After a spell of possession for Wolves, Kuyt clears.

Wolves again set up in the final third, and Hammill sends a cross in for Doyle.

It's a good ball, but Doyle can't quite twist his body right to score.

75', Liverpool 2-0: Wolves are officially running low on time.

Hammill comes on and immediately sends in a nice cross from the right.

Meireles gets the ball from Torres down the left on another great run on the counter.

He finds Shelvey in the center. He makes a good first touch, but his shot isn't on target — should have scored.

Ward's cross misses Wolves players in the area, but Johnson heads it behind for a corner. Hammill takes it quickly, and it comes to nothing.

72', Liverpool 2-0:

Adam Hammill on for Stephen Hunt 72'.

Jonjo Shelvey on for Christian Poulsen 72'.

Skrtel sends a longball for Maxi, and he finds him on the right of the area, but he can't quite do anything with it in the end.

The teams exchange in midfield on Wolves' right.

Torres eventually makes a run down the center, but he can't quite beat the defenders.

Both teams make changes. Poulsen comes off — he was poor.

69', Liverpool 2-0: Wolves come in from the right well, and Henry wins a corner after a nice combination.

Reina misses the corner, but there is nobody at the far post to catch him out.

Wolves continue to have space as Liverpool are now in bunker mode.

Zubar goes down in the area, but he wasn't fouled.

Meireles gets it on the counter again, and he shoots on target, but Hennessey saves.

Wolves come back up the right well, and the cross for Hunt connects, but he can't get any power on the header at the far post.

66', Liverpool 2-0: Liverpool comes forward relatively dangerously on the counter, and Meireles and Johnson combine to win a corner.

The set piece, however, is taken terribly, and it eventually goes to Hennessey.

Wolves control in midfield — they are being given space to operate.

The teams exchange in midfield before a ball is sent for Jarvis. He and Kelly fight for the ball, which falls for Ward. He shoots well, and Skrtel deflects it late, but Reina makes a good save.

Wolves come right back, and they have a throw on the right.

63', Liverpool 2-0: Jarvis again goes down the left, but he loses out to Kelly for a goal kick.

Liverpool control up the right, but send a longball to Hennessey.

Wolves have space going forward, but Henry is called for a foul on Lucas in the Liverpool half.

On the free kick, Kuyt is whistled for a foul on Ward.

Wolves then win another kick in the final third off the free kick. They are forced to re-kick after a tustle. Reina easily takes the ball at the back post.

60', Liverpool 2-0: Reina punches the corner kick away, but Wolves come forward again.

Doyle finds Jarvis in the area, but Skrtel cuts him out well.

Wolves win the ball in central midfield again and hold it in the penalty area. Jarvis and Doyle combine well, and Wolves win a corner.

That spell, as with the previous Wolves attack, began with a Poulsen mishap.

The corner is poor, but Berra controls on the right. After a throw, Meireles almost gets free on the counter, but he is just beaten to the ball.

Jarvis wins a throw deep on the left, but Liverpool gets the ball on a whistle.

57', Liverpool 2-0: Hunt hits the wall with the kick, but it deflects to the left. Zubar has the ball in space and shoots, but his effort is way high.

Wolves win it in midfield — they are beginning to control the ball and the position on the field.

Meireles sends a dangerous ball, but Hennessey gets to it and kicks long. Wolves win it, but Doyle can't get a shot off.

It is sent all the way to Hennessey again, and Wolves control on the left. Jarvis crosses well, but Maxi cuts out the ball in the area for a corner kick — dangerous moment.

54', Liverpool 2-0: That was truly an amazing effort from Meireles — dipping the ball an incredible amount to find the top corner.

The keeper couldn't have had less of a chance.

Wolves keep plodding on, again getting a cross from the left, but wasting it.

They then go up the right and pass it around nicely. Milijas is fouled on the edge of the box — dead center.

Wolves have a free kick right above the area — too close to go over the wall.

51', Liverpool 2-0:

Goal — Raul Meireles, 51' — Incredible volley from above the area.

Wolves then attack from the right, but Hunt's cross is well off — behind for a goal kick.

Still, Wolves are generating crosses.

Maxi nearly creates a counter with an interception at Wolves' back.

Shortly thereafter, a ball is sent over the top for Kuyt. He gets there, but he is saved by a charging Hennessey — the only man to beat.

Maxi Rodriguez's ball was a great one.

Raul Meireles gets a volley attempt at the top of the area. He crushes it, bending and swerving it into the top corner — amazing goal. 2-0 Liverpool.

48', Liverpool 1-0: Berra is now wearing a bandage on his head for Wolves.

Lucas, apparently, came out early during the break and worked out — something must have been up.

Spearing looks like he's going to come on, perhaps for Lucas.

Jarvis and Hunt have switched sides.

Jarvis' cross in from the left is very dangerous, but Reina just gets there. He bobbles, but controls.

The counter is dangerous, but the ball deflects into Hennessey's hands.

Wolves come back up the left, and after a back heel, Jarvis sends in a bad cross despite time and space.

It goes forward again down the right to Kuyt and Meireles, and the final ball again goes astray.

Half Analysis: After an even first 20 minutes, Liverpool took the front foot for the subsequent 20 minutes — ultimately getting a deserved Torres goal.

Wolves did, however, take the upper hand in the final minutes of the half, and it does look like there is a goal in the match for the home side.

Skrtel has been nervy at the back, and Wolves are getting the ball in space in dangerous areas.

Liverpool, though, look likely to score again as well, as they appear dangerous on the counter. Fernando Torres looks better than he has all year — yellow card for committing five fouls aside.

He is creating for others on nearly every trip forward, and the side looks very good as a result.

Meireles, again, has been impressive and created Torres' goal with a great run and centering pass.

Half Time', Liverpool 1-0:

Two minutes of added time.

Yellow card — Torres 45' — persistent fouling

Fletcher wins the goal kick in the final third, but he is cut out after some nifty dribbling.

Wolves keep the ball in midfield, and a longball leads to a throw deep down the right.

They are rebuffed, and get a throw in the identical spot.Liverpool win a foul in the corner, and Reina takes the kick.

Torres finds Kelly on the right, but his cross is partially cleared, and Wolves come up the left. They get a throw in midfield.

Wolves win a throw in the final third after a foul by Kelly. Hunt and Skrtel have an argument away from the play.

The free kick is taken very well, and it falls to Milijas at the far post. He can't, however, get a good shot off and Reina saves it.

Liverpool counters dangerously, but are cut out in the end after a ball from the right.

Torres gets a yellow card after a fifth foul on a poor challenge down the left.

The ball is sent in decently, but Wolves can't do much with it. They, however, hold it in dangerously, but Jarvis' shot is blocked.

The whistle blows.

42', Liverpool 1-0: Wolves have another deep throw, which Zubar sends in.

Liverpool, however, clears, and Torres has an opportunity to counter.

He and Rodriguez combine down the left, and Torres gets a blistering shot from the side of the area.

The flag is up, and Torres' effort was saved regardless.

The teams exchange in midfield, and Torres again comes up the left. He crosses in, and the ball falls for Maxi above the area. He shoots, but is nowhere near the target.

39', Liverpool 1-0: The game had certainly shifted from being even in the opening minutes to favoring Liverpool mightily since about the 20' mark.

Wolves, though, create a chance, as Milijas lays it for Fletcher above the area, and his strike is on target.

Reina, however, saves it well low to his left.

36', Liverpool 1-0:

Goal — Torres, 36' — Easy finish off centering pass from Meireles.

Meireles sends a ball down the right for Kelly, but it is too heavy.

Still, Torres gets the ball again, and he finds Rodriguez in the area.

He gets a shot through some defenders, but it is right at Hennessey.

Torres, as usual, is whistled in midfield.

The free kick, however, is too long, and Reina takes a goal kick.

Torres wins it in midfield, and it is sent up the right to Meireles in space. He finds Torres in space in the center, and Torres finishes easily. Goal! Torres — 1-0 Liverpool.

33', 0-0: Kuyt sends a ball down the center for Torres, but it is cut out, and Hennessey again kicks to Reina.

Reina passes to Johnson and Liverpool builds left. Jarvis, however, cuts it out partially.

Torres gets it on the right and flicks it to Meireles at the top of the area. He shoots just wide, but it is a good effort.

He beat Hennessey, but not the far post.

Wolves win a throw in midfield on the right, but they send it back to Hennessey again. The longball goes for a deep Liverpool throw for Johnson.

30', 0-0: Meireles is fine, and the action continues.

Liverpool wins a foul in midfield, but Wolves control at the back.

The teams trade it on Liverpool's right side, and, eventually, Reina has a free kick in his own half.

Lucas commits a foul, and Wolves try to take it quickly. They, though, are forced to retake the kick, and Hennessey sends it all the way for a goal kick.

27', 0-0: Liverpool concedes in midfield, and Fletcher has space to come forward down the center. He finds Hunt on the left, but his cross is poor.

Wolves hold it in down the left, however.

Liverpool wins it off a Wolves throw, but the longball from Lucas to Torres isn't a great one.

Meireles is down in midfield — holding his head.

The contact appears to have been inadvertent, but the trainers are out.

24', 0-0: Wolves come forward down the right, and Torres again is called for a foul on Stearman in midfield.

The foul, though, was a poor call.

Wolves send it in dangerously, and it bounces around the right until the subsequent cross is cut out and cleared. Wolves send it long again above the area on the right, and Kelly is called for a foul in a dangerous spot.

Milijas, who is dangerous from set pieces, lines it up, but his ball is tooo high and sails above the crossbar.

21', 0-0: Liverpool wins the goal kick in their half, and Johnson ends up with a throw deep in his half.

Liverpool controls it, and move up the left. They win a corner, and Hennessey punches it out.

It goes all the way to Reina, and he sends it forward. Lucas commits a handball in midfield.

The game has become somewhat choppy of late.

Wolves go on the attack, but they quickly head it to Reina for a goal kick.

Jarvis and Doyle run forward in space, but they are cut out in the end.

Meireles crosses from left to right and finds Torres. Torres beats the defender with a cut to the inside and shoots from the top of the area. Hennessey, however, makes a strong save, and Wolves clear off the rebound.

18', 0-0: Liverpool wins a throw on the right in the Wolves half, but Kuyt is called for a foul right off.

Torres wins a foul in midfield in the subsequent moments — Liverpool will bring people forward.

Meireles' ball isn't a great one, and Wolves partially clear. Liverpool, however, maintain an attack up the left for a spell until Maxi kicks it out for a goal kick.

15', 0-0: Liverpool concedes a throw to Wolves' left in the Liverpool half, but Henry sends it back to Hennessey.

Liverpool wins it and attack up the lefit with Johnson.

Rodriguez goes down with an injury, but play continues.

Liverpool concedes a corner off the longball, and Maxi gets up and hobbles around.

Jarvis' corner misses, and it is cleared back to Hennessey, and Wolves win the longball forward.

Reina, however, ends up with it.

12', 0-0: Wolves send it forward, and Torres commits another foul in midfield.

The ball is good, but Agger clears to midfield. Wolves' subsequent longball is won by Liverpool, and Maxi is fouled in his own half.

Reina's boot forward is out of bounds, but Liverpool wins the throw and sends it back to Reina. Liverpool controls his ball forward down the center, but after a spell of decent passing, Wolves clear and go forward with some space.

Hunt's ball is cut out by Skrtel, but he messes up the clearance and nearly lets Milijas in in the area. The subsequent Wolves throw goes for a goal kick.

9', 0-0: Kelly makes a dangerous run up the right, but he is beaten off the ball in the area by Hunt — good play by both.

The longball is won by Liverpool, and Johnson takes a throw on the left.

A nice ball is sent from Johnson to Lucas in the area, and his final ball can't quite connect, and Wolves clear back to midfield — good play by Liverpool.

Wolves, though, finally win a throw.

6', 0-0:

Yellow Card — Poulsen, 4' — bad challenge in midfield

Meireles takes the corner well, but it is headed out. Poulsen fouls Milijas in midfield, and receives a yellow card. It was a yellow — totally unnecessary.

Wolves hold it in the Liverpool half down the left — their flank of choice thus far.

Liverpool clears and runs forward with numbers. Kuyt, though, loses the ball on the right near the corner — claiming handball on Wolves. Wolves win a throw on the right and send it back to the keeper.

3', 0-0: And we're off. Wolves begin on the attack, kicking it forward long off the kickoff.

Wolves win a free kick — typical Torres foul in midfield. Jarvis takes it fairly well, but it goes to Reina.

Wolves win it in midfield, and a longball finds Doyle. Skrtel cuts it out well for a throw, and Liverpool wins a throw in the corner thereafter.

Wolves win it back, but Liverpool clears, and Torres gets the ball deep on the left. His cross is a good one, and Stearman concedes a corner.

7:30 a.m. ET: Lineups for the match are as follows.

Liverpool's is very similar to the sides put out by Kenny Dalglish in his previous matches.


Pepe Reina (25), goalkeeper
Daniel Agger (5), center back
Martin Skrtel (37), center back
Glen Johnson (2), left back
Martin Kelly (34), right back
Lucas (21), midfielder
Raul Meireles (4), midfielder
Christian Poulsen (28), midfielder
Maxi Rodriguez (17), left wing
Dirk Kuyt (18), right wing
Fernando Torres (9), forward


Joe Cole (10)
Fabio Aurelio (6)
Sotirios Kyrgiakos (16)
Dani Pacheco (12)
Jonjo Shelvey (33)
Peter Gulasci (42)
Jay Spearing (26)


Wayne Hennessey (13), goalkeeper
Christophe Berra (16), center back
Richard Stearman (5), center back
Stephen Ward (11), left back
Ronald Zubar (23), right back
Nenad Milijas (20), midfielder
Karl Henry (8), midfielder
Matthew Jarvis (17), midfielder
Stephen Hunt (12), midfielder
Steven Fletcher (10), forward
Kevin Doyle (29), forward


Adam Hamill (19)
David Jones (14)
Sam Vokes (18)
Steven Mouyokolo (22)
Marcus Hahnemann (1)
Jody Craddock (6)
David Davis (37)

7 a.m. ET: Liverpool's loss to Wolves in late December was likely that which opened the door for Kenny Dalglish to take over from Roy Hodgson as Liverpool manager.

Now, it is his turn to have a crack at Mick McCarthy's side as Dalglish looks for his first win since returning to Liverpool's top spot.

The Reds will again be without Steven Gerrard, serving the final match of his three-game suspension.

Liverpool sit 13th in the table, five points ahead of Wolves, who are in 19th — a clear indication of how tight things are at the bottom of the table. If Wolves were to win, they could vault as high as 15th. Liverpool could move to 10th.

Lineups will be posted prior to the match. Kickoff is set for 7:45 a.m. ET.

54', Liverpool 2-0:
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