Last season, Logan Mankins missed seven games due to a holdout over his contract. Next season, we may not see him in a Patriots jersey at all.

The six-year veteran believes he is at yet another impasse with the Patriots' organization, saying they are not committed to keeping him long term, the Boston Herald reports. At this point, the only way Mankins sees a long-term future with New England is if he's named a franchise player, a route he does not wish to travel.

"No, I wouldn't be happy about that, if that's what they chose to do, to be dealt that kind of hand," Mankins said on Thursday after working out with the AFC Pro Bowl squad. "But we'll see what happens."

Mankins went on to say that there have been no discussions surrounding a future with New England, but in his eyes, it's not looking too good.

"I would never say the door is totally shut," he said about his future with the Pats. "But the way it's looking right now, I don't see it happening. I don't see them trying to keep me, unless it's with the franchise tag."