Big Ten Logo Redesign Contest Being Held by


January 27, 2011

Back in mid-December, the launch of the Big Ten’s new logo caused a virtual earthquake of reaction. The light blue logo was intended to be “memorable and distinctive,” but some folks (not naming any names here) said it “looks like it took 25 seconds to make.”

Well,, a web community of designers, is asking fans to try their hand at redesigning the logo. Though the winner of the contest won’t actually have his or her logo replace the baby blue design, the winner will be awarded $500 “and a little publicity.”

The idea for the contest came after staff members “felt the new logo lacked the creativity, strength, and stature of the conference.”

“We hope to attract professional and amateur logo designers, and really anybody who has a great idea and wants to share it,” said Zaheer Dodhia, CEO of, in a release.

The contest is perfect, as many defenders of the new logo were quick to say that the critics could not design a better logo themselves. Now, they have the chance, and the MycroBurst gallery can be seen by clicking here.

As for me? I’ll just stick with this one.

Big Ten Logo Redesign Contest Being Held by

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