NHL Unveils ‘The Bruin’ Mascot as 13th Guardian Character in Comic-Art Form


Jan 13, 2011

NHL Unveils 'The Bruin' Mascot as 13th Guardian Character in Comic-Art Form The Bruins' mascot and its comic book alter ego have come to life in a ferocious but playful manner.

SLG Entertainment leader Stan Lee and POW! Entertainment revealed the 13th NHL Guardian character "The Bruin" on Thursday.

Guardian Media Entertainment (GME) has been working to create 30 superheroes in comic-art form with mysterious identities based on the NHL team mascots.
"In doing the National Hockey League Guardians, I just wanted characters that people would enjoy reading about. And when I say people, I mean youngsters, I mean grown-ups, I mean college kids, I mean females — just good story, which is imaginative, which is high-concept, which is fast-moving, which is colorful," Lee told NHL.com in October.

Incredibly, the communication between the club and the creators of the characters seemed to have pinpointed an exact replica of what "The Bruin" should be. Also, the creative genius of Lee, who was behind Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, X-Men and other comic phenoms, seemed to work in the character's favor.

The character is a mix between the X-Men's Wolverine and a wild unruly brown bear. It is described as a "big kid" who is "curious, adventurous and finds himself with a ferocious hunger." When the belly of the Bruin is full, there is no other Guardian who could be happier, the character description reads.

Each Guardian vibe varies, but "The Bruin" is described as "well educated" and a blue collar worker, staying true to Boston's roots of education and hard work.

This distinctive method of combining the NHL with the superhero theme was extremely innovative. The original purpose was to unite parents and kids in a way that incorporates comics and sports so everything can be understood at a younger age.

All 30 guardians will be revealed in a live event in Raleigh, N.C., during All-Star Weekend, according to NHL.com.

"I just have a feeling that 'The Guardians' are going to be the next big thing in entertainment," Lee said.

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