Oregon's New Basketball Court Opens, Drawing Criticism From Viewers The University of Oregon is located deep in the woods of Eugene, Ore. … at least in theory.

The school is located more in a city, but it’s a city with no shortage of trees, and those deep woods aren’t more than a few miles away.

Regardless, the school’s new Matthew Knight Arena opened on Thursday night, with the biggest star being the new court.

Oregon's New Basketball Court Opens, Drawing Criticism From Viewers
(Photo via MockSession Twitter)

The court — which is named after Nike chairman Phil Knight‘s son, who died in a scuba diving accident — features etchings of trees along the sides of it, creating an odd, splotchy look at midcourt.

Reviews were mixed, with one sports blog warning that the court “may cause retina damage.”

“It’s downright disorienting,” wrote Brian Floyd of SB Nation. “Add the glare from the advertisements lining the bowl and it becomes headache-inducing to watch. With all the money spent, you’d think they’d be able to figure out how to design an arena that didn’t incorporate a glare that could double as a death-ray.”

There were plenty of positive responses, too, as Oregon again succeeded in getting the country to talk about its athletic program for topics that are more about design than sports.


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