Ozzie Guillen Voices Displeasure in Son Oney’s Bobby Jenks-Bashing Twitter Messages


Oney Guillen, the son of White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, broke one of baseball's cardinal rules this offseason when he unleashed behind-closed-doors clubhouse drama to the Twitter world.

After former closer Bobby Jenks was picked up by the Red Sox this winter, the reliever voiced some displeasure he had with the way things went in the Windy City — professional things, not personal things. After hearing Jenks' comments, Oney tweeted personal information regarding alleged drinking and marital issues, among other nasty accusations, in apparent retaliation.

These messages weren't taken fondly by current White Sox players Matt Thornton and Gordon Beckham, who voiced their concern about privacy and any potential drama that may ensue this upcoming season.

"When Oney [tweeted] that, the only thing I was upset about [was] clubhouse stuff," Guillen told the Sun Times. "He grew up in baseball, and he knows the clubhouse stuff — whatever happens in there, everybody knows. … In the past, our clubhouse was a temple. Now you can do what you want to do and people find out what happened in the clubhouse. That’s not the first time it happened.

"I tip my hat to the players," he added. "I have more respect for the players last year because of all the problems we went through. From the beginning, it was tough, to play and act the way they did. That’s very professional. No player ever used that as an excuse."

Guillen admits that there was one particular bit of information that got out that he was most upset about — when Jenks had an emotional meeting with him in his office last season.

"That’s the only thing I regret when he [tweeted] about Bobby crying in the clubhouse," Guillen said.

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