The Patriots don't know who will be coming to Foxboro next weekend for the AFC divisional round. Quite frankly, they don't really care. They know they've got things to work on in-house before that day comes.

Among the top things on that list, though, are getting healthy and continuing to sharpen their game while they make the most of the week off.

"You gotta think about it, we only have so many more plays left, so many more practices left," wide receiver Deion Branch said on Wednesday. "We need everybody at their best."

The Patriots have plenty of time to do so, but Bill Belichick cautioned that having time only matters if they can take advantage of it.

"Time's only valuable if you can use it efficiently, so that's what we're trying to do," the coach said.

To see Patriots beat writer Jeff Howe's report from Foxboro, check out the video above.