Several Patriots Keep Their Fans and Followers Updated With Twitter


When it comes to Twitter, always assume an unverified account is guilty until proven innocent, as fake accounts pop up on a daily — if not hourly — basis.

Since it happens all the time with the Patriots, let's give a rundown on all of the accounts that we know are real, at least as of Friday. If a new account pops up and you want it cross-checked, hit me up on Twitter.

Here are the Patriots' Twitter accounts that we know to be true.

New England Patriots official account (run by the public relations staff): @realpatriots

Vince Wilfork: @wilfork75

Kyle Love: @KyleLove74

Ron Brace: @RonBrace

Gary Guyton: @GaryGuyton59

Leigh Bodden: @LeighBodden

Sergio Brown: @38special_

Darius Butler: @DariusButler28

Tony Carter: @tonycarter904

Devin McCourty: @DMcCourty32

Jarrad Page: @JarradPage44

James Sanders: @JamesSanders36

Bret Lockett: @BretLockett26

Matt Light: @LightFoundation

Deion Branch: @deionbranch84

Rob Gronkowski: @RobGronkowski

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