Remarks made this weekend by Ajax management and Luis Suarez himself have indicated that Liverpool’s rumored acquisition of the Uruguyan striker will occur sooner rather than later.

Frank De Boer, manager of the Amsterdam club, said on Saturday that he has no interest in dragging out negotiations.

“We won’t let Luis go on 31st January at 23.55. It is logical and a deal which I made with [general director] Rik van den Boog,” he said, according to

Ajax is reportedly looking for more than Liverpool’s £18 million offer, but with the club in financial peril, they may ultimately be willing to accept whatever they can get for their star 23-year-old.

De Boer, in fact, may be looking to move Suarez quickly so that he can execute his contingency plan  — which is apparently already in place.

“To replace Suarez will be difficult, but we are ready. We have a Plan B, we know what we want if he leaves,” he remarked.

Suarez too is keen on the move, saying that he wants to go to England to follow in the footsteps of fellow South American superstar Carlos Tevez.

“(England) is a league that attracts me, a country where the football is really good,” Suarez told the Sunday Times.

“Alongside the Spanish league it is the best in the world. In England you have a lot of clubs with aspirations to become champions and they are also very strong in the Champions League at the European level.

“I used to think that English football was not my style. But I saw Tevez play at Boca and Corinthians and I never imagined that he would play in the Premier League.

“When I see the way that Tevez plays there I think I can be a big name in England. It’s because of the energy, and the spirit they put into the game in England. Now, I think it’s a kind of football that suits me.”

See some of his best moments below.

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