Blackpool manager Ian Holloway presciently declared before Tuesday's tie with Manchester United at Bloomfield road that Charlie Adam's performance would boost his asking price to a level that would dwarf Liverpool's £4 million ($6.4 million) bid.

Adam accordingly proceeded to dominate the first 45 minutes of the match, out Paul Scholes-ing Paul Scholes with his long passes from midfield and creating two goals with his corner kicks.

While United went on to win the match 3-2, manager Sir Alex Ferguson hailed Adam, backing Holloway's £16 million valuation.

"We just couldn't handle Charlie Adam's free-kicks and corners. We were all over the place," Ferguson said.

"His corner kicks are worth £10 million in themselves. The boy is an incredible striker of the ball."

Most clubs have valued the 25-year-old Scottish international at a figure close to Liverpool's initial bid, but with Ferguson's statement, Blackpool may be further unwilling to sell its star player when in the midst of a battle for Premier League survival. While it seems far-fetched that Ferguson intentionally sabotaged Liverpool by backing Adam's eight-figure value, his corroboration of Holloway's claim surely won't help.

"Charlie will have to accept whatever we do," said Holloway

"In the summer he will have 12 months left on his contract. [That is] a whole new ball park."

"I'll speak to the owners and let them know how Charlie feels but we have a duty to the fans to run the club professionally."

Adam has officially requested a transfer. Aston Villa is also pursuing the rising star.