When the Celtics take on the Phoenix Suns on Friday night, you'll get to see Steve Nash don the purple and orange as he has for the last six-plus seasons. Savor it now, because it won't last forever.

Nash and the Suns are at a crossroads in their time together. A year ago, they were in the mix for a Western Conference title and Nash's first career trip to the NBA Finals; they're now on the outside of the playoff picture looking in. Don't expect the Suns to bounce back anytime soon, either — no, this is sadly a team moving in the other direction.

Amare Stoudemire left last summer, and he took the Suns' viability as title contenders with him. The Suns are now battling it out for a spot somewhere between ninth and 12th in the West, though they were playing the Lakers for a spot in the Finals less than a year ago.

Now they're selling off pieces. Their blockbuster with the Magic was a nice way to unload the unwieldy contract of Hedo Turkoglu; slowly, the Suns are gaining flexibility.

Nash might be the next piece to go. The Suns have to commit to rebuilding, and what's more, they owe their longtime point guard a chance at finally reaching the Finals. If they care about him, they'll send him to a contender.

It'll happen sometime soon. If not before next month's trading deadline, then it'll happen over the summer. Eventually, Nash and the Suns will have to cut ties.

So until then, be sure to enjoy the glory days of a Hall of Fame point guard in his iconic purple threads.