Like everyone else in Boston, Red Sox manager Terry Francona did not like watching the team’s early exit in 2010. However, with a new crop of players in his lineup, and a batch of new arms in the bullpen, Francona can’t wait for the 2011 season to start.

While many fans and analysts in Boston have been penning potential lineups and batting orders for the upcoming year, Francona is going to wait until spring training to start mapping out his team’s attack. Once in Florida, Francona will be able to assess the ability of every player and eventually create the ideal balance for the season.

“I really believe that when you get down to spring training, first of all you see who’s healthy, how guys are swinging the bat,” said Francona during Red Sox Hot Stove Live. “My job is to try to help create some balance, so the other manager can’t bring in a lefty and mow down three-out-of-four guys. That’s really about it.”

Francona discussed several of Red Sox Nation’s burning questions during his segment with NESN’s Tom Caron, including the 2010 struggles of the Boston bullpen. Francona’s looking forward to the addition of Bobby Jenks to take some of the pressure off Daniel Bard.

To hear all the latest from Terry Francona, check out the video above.